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What are the benefits of smart eviction chargers compared to general EV chargers?
Release Time:2023-01-28
First, prevent overcharge. After charging, automatic power off to prevent overcharge and spoil the battery.

Second, automatically identify the battery voltage. 48V, 60V automatic recognition, there will be no charging voltage too high to charge the battery and too low to charge the problem.

Third, automatically balance charging. Battery damage caused by the difference in charging voltage between different battery packs can be avoided.

Electric vehicles, that is, electric drive vehicles, also known as electric drives. Electric vehicles are divided into AC electric vehicles and DC electric vehicles. It is commonly said that electric vehicles use batteries as an energy source, and through controllers, motors and other components, convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to move to control the speed of the current size change.

The first electric car was built in 1881 by the French engineer Gustav Truff, a tricycle powered by lead-acid batteries powered by a DC motor, and today electric vehicles have undergone tremendous changes and come in a variety of types.
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